Team Status Reports Can Boost Morale

8/29/2018 - Team Status Reports, Boosting Morale
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Conducting weekly team status reports has a multitude of benefits, but did you know it can effectively boost morale? It's human nature to want to be seen, heard, and recognized for your efforts. Companies that don't place an emphasis on recognizing and listening to their employees have higher turnover rates due to the low morale of employees. In contrast, companies that make a conscious and regular effort to show they truly care about their employees experience high team morale and long lasting relationships with their team members.

When team members are given a digital sounding board that goes directly to their supervisors, they feel cared about by their leaders. When proactive approaches are taken to address the stress levels and workloads of disgruntled employees, their morale will go up. If said unhappy employee isn't addressed by management to find out why morale is low, and if no changes are made by their company leaders to improve the situation, they will not be motivated to do good work or even show up.

Weekly team status reports are a great way to check-in with and pay attention to your team members. When employees feel listened to, respected, and cared for, their morale will increase which makes for a happy company. When morale is high, companies will experience things like improved attendance, higher quality work, and improved productivity. What team leader wouldn't want that for their company?

Team status reports are easy with the Team Reporting Tool.  It is free to use for small teams and super easy.

Simply stated, no one wants to be worked to the bone or ignored when something is wrong. People want to experience positive growth in many aspects of their lives, including their professional lives. The workplace isn't immune to this! Managers should take every step possible to keep their team happy and to boost morale. Let's face it—no manager or business owner wants to go through the hiring or training process again (what a headache)!