Why Team Morale and Satisfaction Matters

8/24/2018 - Team Morale, Team Satisfaction
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Somewhere deep inside, every leader knows that the morale and satisfaction of team members translates to better work, but we struggle to put that into words.

Because we struggle with quantifying the value of morale and satisfaction, it is easy to become complacent and not take an active role in promoting good team health.

Here are a few things to consider:
  1. Highly engaged business teams result in 21% greater profitability (Gallup)
  2. Only 12 percent of employees actually leave an organization for more money (Forbes)
  3. US Organizations spend over $100 billion annually on incentive programs. (HRM Report)
  • What we can see is that when your team is engaged, it is good for the company's bottom line.
  • We can see that happy employees are more loyal and are more likely to stay with a team longer.
  • Companies are spending huge amounts of money to incentivize teams, money isn't usually why people leave. 

When we, as leaders, take care of our team, we appeal to a deeper part of humanity.  The part of us that says everyone wants to feel appreciated and cared for.  Everyone likes being respected.  Everyone enjoys being recognized for the good things they have done.

The interesting part of this equation is that treating people well doesn't cost anything.  While companies spend billions to try and improve their teams, many of the answers are literally free for the taking.

One of the ways we find to be able to treat employees well is to make sure they are heard.
The Team Reporting Tool allows team members to report what they are experiencing and the roadblocks they are facing so that leadership can be aware and respond to their concerns.  It is free to use for small teams.

If you haven't considered making sure you hear your team members, make it a priority today.  It will be one of the best investments you've make.