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Healthy teams win. Promote quick, easy, consistent team feedback and communication so that you stay on top of your team's health.

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Why Do Team Reporting?

The Team Reporting Tool is a quick and easy path for your team to communicate important team health information to leadership. Get at-a-glance access to team morale, stress level, and workload. With an understanding of the critical stats for your team, you can improve the team dynamic, prevent small issues from becoming big problems, and make your team more effective.

How Does It Work?


Create Your Company

Signing up is free and easy. Simply register your company by providing some basic info. No credit card needed, you can upgrade later. Get started immediately after registration.


Invite Your Team

After you've created your company, you can easily invite your team via email, or by sending them a link. Each team member can quickly self-register and select their supervisor.


View Team Health

Each week, your team will log in and quickly rate their week. You'll have access to the reports for each team member and the team average. Each leader can view their team's reports.

The perfect health reporting tool for any team

The Team Reporting Tool makes it easy to monitor team health and get feedback to ensure both top performance and high employee satisfaction.

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Do you KNOW the health of your team?

Do you know if your team is burning out, feeling overworked, or overwhelmed? Do they have a consistent channel to provide weekly feedback? Monitoring the vitals of your team is now simple and easy.

  • Quick and Easy Reporting in under 5 minutes
  • Simple reports to identify team health
  • Easy rating system for key health indicators
  • Team reports grouped by leader for easy viewing
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2-10 Team Members

Max Team Members: 10

Report History: 2 weeks

Support: Email Only

Custom Ratings & Questions: None

No Hidden Fees

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2-15 Team Members

Max Team Members: 15

Report History: 6 months

Support: Email Only

Custom Ratings & Questions: 5

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16-100 Team Members

Max Team Members: 100

Report History: 1 year

Support: Same Business Day Email

Custom Ratings & Questions: 5

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How do I start monitoring team health?


Sign Up Your Company

Signing up your team for free. It's quick and easy.


Submit Reports

Invite your team to share their weekly feedback.


Understand your team

Review your health reports for real team insight.

Make your team more healthy today

You have nothing to lose. The Team Reporting Tool makes it quick, fun, and easy for your team to provide valuable feedback. Leaders that listen to their teams get more value from their team and provide team members a valuable tool to share their current challenges and winning situations.

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