How To Boost Team Communication

7/31/2018 - Team communication
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Team communication doesn't have to be a difficult topic.  Boosting team communication starts with an intentional and guided approach to communicating among the team.  

Good team communication must contain at least the following criteria:
  1. It must be regular
    • Too often communication is done in spurts and fits as they say.  It isn't done in a planned, intentional way.  Team communication is too important to hope that it happens.  It must be planned and it must take place on a regular basis, hopefully on a consistent recurring schedule.
  2. It must be relevant
    • Many teams are asked to communicate about this which have no relevance to their work.  They are asked for information that doesn't 'move the needle' to making their life better.  Communication that is not relevant to both the one receiving the information and the one providing the information is a waste of time.  No one likes to waste time!
  3. It must be easy to do properly
    • If our communication is going to be regular and relevant, than leaders need to make sure that it is easy to do properly.  This means that you should have tools for your team to use so that they communicate with leadership.  The tools need to help the user ensure that the information they are providing is relevant to the receiver.  The tools also need to streamline the process so that providing that information is easy.

While many tools like this exist, a great tool for team communication is the Team Reporting Tool.  It allows your team members to quickly and consistently communicate relevant information to leadership.  It is free for small teams.  Check it out today.

Great communication doesn't have to be expensive.  Be intentional and boost your team's communication level.  You'll see the benefits that great communication brings.