How To Boost Team Morale Through Reporting and Communication

8/31/2018 - Team Reporting, Boosting Morale
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Boosting company morale can be accomplished in many ways, and morale can make or break a company. Let's take a look at ways to boost team morale through reporting and communication.
Reporting can provide valuable data. When weekly, consistent reports are filled out by employees and team members, it provides management with relevant information related to each team member's stress level, morale, and workload. Team Reporting Tool is a convenient, easy, and online service that allows companies to do just that.

Just by giving employees a private route to voice their opinions and self-assessments directly to their supervisors, morale will increase. This is because at the deepest level, humans are wired to want to be seen, recognized, and heard by others. They want to feel like they matter. Every time a team member submits a weekly report to their team leader, they'll feel more valued and heard than they previously did before any type of reporting system was in place. It makes a big difference.

To really get the most out of your reporting tool in order to boost morale, be sure that managers send personalized replies to each team member—especially when they're feeling stressed and overloaded. And better yet, managers should not only let their team members know they care and understand, but they should offer a solution to the team member to correct any problems in the workplace that will help improve their stress levels and workload. By doing this electronically with built-in features from Team Reporting Tool, it takes the guesswork out of the process.

Aside from boosting morale through reporting alone, morale can also be boosted through different ways of communication between managers and employees. Through verbal or electronic communication, managers can celebrate the accomplishments of employees and treat their team members like real people instead of worker bees. Using an authentic, personalized, and fun approach instead of going through the motions with canned responses will make all the difference in the overall morale of the office.