How To Motivate Your Team and Boost Morale

8/31/2018 - Team Motivation, Team morale
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Every good leader wants to motivate their team.

Morale of the team feeds into almost every area of business... it can cause issues in customer service, it can cause problems with productivity, it can break the sales process.

Motivation and Morale and key components of any healthy business.

A great way to boost team morale and motivation is by doing intentional communication with your team.
Intentional communication means that you have a set pattern of expected communication points.  They aren't done just on occasion, but they are considered a regular part of ongoing operations.

Another great tip to improving your team morale is to simply get out of your office and talk to them.
Don't simply email, text, or Slack them, but literally get up out of your chair and spend a few minutes with them. Ask them what they are working on, and how you can help.

Driving a team is a sure way to break morale.  Instead of driving the team, state the goal and ask them what you can do to block for them... As a leader, your primary job should be removing road blocks from your team's way... if you get good and being their biggest defender, you'll find that morale will improve.

A great way to establish a rhythm of communication is to use the Team Reporting Tool.  With a tool like the Team Reporting Tool, your team can regularly communicate and give feedback.  It is free for small teams.

Whatever method you choose, start communicating more often, and more intentionally today.  Your team will thank you!