Why Do A Weekly Status Report

7/28/2018 - Weekly Status Reports
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Stress levels, morale, and workloads change from week to week, and most employees are afraid to voice their opinions if they're feeling stressed or overworked. In the long run, knowing the status of your team members on a weekly basis will improve employee turnover rate if managers properly address the needs of the team that are voiced in their personal weekly status reports. As an added bonus, it will build trust between team members and their managers or employers. Relationships based on trust last much longer in the long run.

Sometimes team members are stressed for personal reasons; other times they're stressed for work-related reasons. It's inevitable that a team member will be under stress in the workplace at some point or another. Team members who are extremely and regularly stressed out by reasons caused by their jobs will undoubtedly end up resenting their job and will not look forward to showing up to work each day. When managers are aware of stress levels of their team members, they can offset stress by rewarding and praising good work and make proactive steps toward reducing stress levels.

Morale is important to the vitality of the workplace. When there's no morale, there's no drive to show up to work or to do better. When managers and business owners know when and how to boost company morale, stress levels will lower and team members will feel valued.

Knowing each team member's personal assessment of their workload each week allows leaders to delegate tasks more evenly, which no doubt will boost overall productivity. Let's say that Suzy is doing the same job as Tony, but Suzy is working overtime and the extra hours are wearing on her. Tony isn't doing bad work, but he's not putting in overtime for the same tasks that Suzy does. If the workload can be more evenly split, Suzy will be happier and both Tony and Suzy will have appropriate workloads.

Weekly status reporting is easy with the Team Reporting Tool.  It is free for small teams and easy to use.