Why Team Communication Matters

8/26/2018 - Team communication, Team reporting
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Consider this:  If you worked on every project alone, didn't need any information from others, and were capable of doing all the tasks, then your communication would be in perfect harmony.  There would be no misunderstandings with yourself, there would be no unspoken requirements, there wouldn't be any time where you surprised yourself with something you didn't tell yourself.

Of course, no one works (or lives) in that world.  To accomplish the work most of us do, it requires that we communication.

The projects many of us solve in the world today are not capable of being address without a team.  And since we need a team, it implies that there are pieces that one team member can do, which another cannot, and some pieces which we have to complete together.

Communication in the work of the 21st century had taken a huge left turn, between texting, Facebook, Slack, Teams, and good ole' fashioned paper, we have more availability to communicate than ever... yet somehow it seems we don't take the time to do it.

Communication is a key that unlocks potential.  When we communicate we share our knowledge with others.  That in-turn allows others to step in an help as well as to learn and to grow.

Here is the takeaway:  Communication (at least good communication between a team) NEVER happens on accident.  Great communication must be intentional.  If you don't make a point to share critical information with others, it won't happen.

As a leader, do you communicate with your team?  Do you have an easy and effective way for your team to communicate with you?  The Team Reporting Tool allows teams to be effective in their communication so that leadership can clear the roadblocks.  Try it today, it is free for small teams.

If you aren't communicating with your team, try it for a week... be intentional about finding out what is keeping them from being at their best... what is holding them back, and what they are succeeding at.  You'll be amazed at the information and communication you will receive as a leader when you make a point to communicate with your team.